Arang kel Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir Pakistan

 Arangkail is a beautiful village in Azad Kashmir Neelum valley . This village is known as Switzerland of Pakistan. This village was in the top 10 of the world's most beautiful places. Arangkail is 8 to 9 hours faraway from Muzaffarabad. If you want to visit Neelum valley then arangkail is one of the main points of neelum valley for visiting. you must visit arangkail. If you are from Islamabad then take a tour of 2 to 3 days to visit arangkail. From Muzaffarabad to shardah you can use your own car any type of car. you can reach shardah in 5 to 6 hours  From shardah to kail you must have off track jeep type vehicle because the road is totally off track  In 1.30 hours to 2 hours,  you can reach kail. where you can park your car stay there 10 to 20 minutes take a rest. Then one of your hardest journeys starts if you are not familiar with hiking. Take ticket doli( you can say chair-left) which is  100 to 200 rupees . within 1 minute of such an amazing view of doli you reach the

Neelm valley

 Neelum Valley Neelum valley is one of the famous and touristic valleys of Azad Kashmir. wherein every year a lot of visitors came. this valley is full of lush green meadows lakes forests etc. The most famous places in Neelum valley are: Kutton waterfall kutton colony keran upper neelum Babon valley Shardah Rati Gali lake Arangkail Shontar Chita Katha lake Patliyan lake Saral lake nori waterfall or nori lake Nori top Taobut Kishan Ganga river or neelum river Neelum valley is located at LOC between the Indian and Pakistan armies. This is 74km from Muzaffarabad. only a single road between Muzaffarabad and Neelam valley. Fully carpeted road till dawarian. From Muzaffarabad to Neelam on the way many touristic places are also present which are:- Neelum Jhelum hydro project/nursery dam Dhani water-fall Patika where the famous drama Ehid-e-Wafa's last scene was shooted Dhani waterfall:- Neelum jhalum project/dam Kutton waterfall:- Keran                              in front of loc view